Raila And The National Resistance Movement

‘If you tremble with indignation at every injustice then you are a comrade of mine.’ – Ernesto Che Guevara

Like many Kenyans, I have many thoughts about your proposed national resistance movement.

For starters, does this mean that you, comrade Raila, are now free to repeatedly and consistently share the honest political history of Kenya as a nation, the betrayal at independence by homeguards, the same homeguard families ruling us today?  

Can this movement be deliberate in articulating that this is not a fight against millions of impoverished Kikuyus living in poverty, but a few billionaire Kikuyu families led by the Kenyatta family?

Will you accept mistakes of the past, opposition political organizing that has been more about who becomes president. Rectifying that so that it’s about liberating political conscientization of the masses, through round the year grassroots political classes?

How can NASA parliamentarians, these supposed representatives of the people, uniquely positioned in the structures of your movement, collaborate with other movements that exist?

This same parliament that some members of your new resistance movement are now members of, does not meet the 2/3 gender rule.

Their pledge of loyalty to your proposed movement and to the Kenyan people then, should be to seek the disbandment of parliament on this basis, that it does not meet the 2/3 gender rule, to build on  ‘existing’ work of those organizing around this fundamental issue, such as the #WeAre52pc movement.

If you wish to build your proposed movement beyond tribal politics, build an honest alliance with the people, then you must be willing to stand in solidarity with Kenyans in their different struggles.

For example nurses have been on strike for months, you have not had a single press conference or rally in support of their struggle or the plea of impoverished Kenyans of all tribes suffering for lack of nurses. Reach out to them, rally your supporters and governors in support of them.

The state through a murderous police force has been carrying out systematic extra judicial killings of the poor living in slums since independence. The political violence in 2017 perpetrated by police against impoverished Luos is but an extension of historical and current economic and social state violence against the poor living in slums, everyday, irrespective of tribe.

Your proposed movement must, as your highest priority, organize around extra judicial killings, the sanctity of life and the right to life of all Kenyans. Again in collaboration with ‘existing’ movements.

Your proposed movement must also be clear on it’s stand on constitutionalism and the rule of law.

Publicize a draft of what your proposed return to the 2010 constitution will exactly read on the following; The law on recall of MPs, Chapter 6, public order number 56 on article 37, including full implementation of the 2/3 gender rule.

A violent revolution mean the vulnerable poor, women and children suffer the worst. What is the stand of your proposed movement in regard to use of violence against an enemy with a monopoly of violence?

If your movement works to facilitate, aid and participate in the pursuit of freedom and justice for all our people, if your pursuit is based on love and care for all irrespective of all our differences, be it tribe, gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, social or economic status etc. Then you are a comrade of mine, I am an impoverished Kikuyu and I endorse your proposed national resistance movement.


Kenya’s Living Dead

You can’t keep me condemned in a ghetto all my life, you can’t just refuse to implement the ⅔ gender rule, you can’t deny me nurses in hospitals for months, you can’t just shoot me dead for protesting, you can’t just steal an election, you just can’t be a dictator and expect me to be dead silent.

I am a human being. I deserve to be treated as a human being. You are a human being too, we deserve to be treated the same. We need to be human, in the way we treat each other, with everyone we come across, in our daily life. For being human is practicing to be human, life is being alive.

But how many are dead and dying, living among humans, lifeless. Dead inside, no longer being human; dead to the world, no longer one with the living. Unable to treat themselves as humans, they fail even worse at treating others as humans. No life or love left in them, to take any resurrecting action for self or others.

So the dead in spirit rest and wait for their bodies to follow them where no revolutionary acts are possible. They close their eyes to the suffering children, they join in the unhumaning of others, they form the army of loyalists to death. Rebels are mocked and stoned, for not living dead, for wanting to be human.

To be human is to be at peace, to be at war, and to be alive to both. To be at peace with justice and to be at war with injustice. Only the dead and dying have no use of justice, peace is all they need, to die. But for the living, life is unbearable in the face of injustice, to them nothing is as it was meant to be, everything is as it is, only as far as before human action to change it. No justice no peace.

Only among the dead is peace for the sake of economy valued more than peace for humans, for the living. Unless the economy belong to some and not all, and it’s owners want peace as special humans, to prosper. So only those who can be human with such an economy, who can eat, sleep and enjoy life need peace for that economy. Economic peace for all is what the right economy should demand, what economic justice is about.

The living want to own their lives, their rights and fundamental freedoms. They want to think for themselves what is and what is not. The living, who include activists and rebels don’t just need to participate in processes that govern them, but want to own those processes. Public participation not founded on authentic public ownership of systems and processes is only fit for the dead, those with no thought or language to know and say what they want.

We are all equal in the scale of life. None is born to be virtuous or evil, no one wears their hearts on their faces. No one needs a savior, we all just need to be human. So the living, the masses of the people, are safer with working public institutions, rather than the holiest and greatest of individual leader.

Therefore the search for a good leader must be left with the dead or dying. The living, leaders in themselves, full blown humans, just need someone to represent their collective interest. A messenger to carry the message of their wishes and demands. A servant to be sent back and forth, like an equal, not a special breed of human, deserving extra in life, that is not guaranteed to all those they represent.   

So when they call for these  representatives to dialogue as individuals, because they are our leaders, they reduce the living to spectators of democracy, dead and passive voters, who know nothing of what they want, and need a special human among them, to think and speak for them. Our vote is cast by others in our absence, to make deals that will make those who ought to be our servant-equal-representative, happy and more special than us.

We are made unhappy for the happiness of a few. What we need is credible elections not dialogue among the elite. We blame those we sent on our behalf, and think we only need to send someone different. We forget they only changed when we elevated them to such status, that they become more human, permitted to oppress the living and nurture the dead among us.

We have seen the  living forced to live as the dead through force, the police sent with violence to make them dead, to stop disturbing the dead…

“For apart from inquiry, apart from the praxis, individuals cannot be truly human. Knowledge emerges only through invention and re-invention, through the restless, impatient, continuing, hopeful inquiry human beings pursue in the world, with the world, and with each other.” ― Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of the Oppressed


2017 Monkey Elections

2017 Monkey Elections

A divided nation, a caretaker president, no peace

No quorum supreme court, Kenyatta monkey election
Twelve billion shilling coronation, a benevolent dictator
No one is voting, just empty queues, vifaranga manenos

Polling clerks sleeping, after boring selfies, alone

Outside, police in running battles, killing protesters
Escorted election officials covering their faces, afraid
Carcases of dead dogs hanging on gates of polling stations

No reform no elections, an election boycott victory

No longer a secret ballot, just kumira voters
A president who only his family voted for him
And police showing up in large numbers, to vote

National resistance movement rebels chanting, justice


The Kau Kau

Kikuyus Against Uthamaki (KAU), seems like an idea worth thinking about in the struggle for freedom and justice in Kenya.

Uthamaki is the biggest lie since the lie that Jomo Kenyatta was a Mau Mau hero.

Uthamaki is a contagious disease that infects only the Kikuyu but negatively affects all other tribes in Kenya including the Kikuyu themselves.

Uthamaki is a rich man’s lie told to the poor. They sell us an illusion of belonging to a privileged club, while in reality they treat us as nothing but rejects with a vote.

What is an Uthamaki (kingdom) but an exclusive club of a few greedy and murderous Kikuyu men who exploit the millions of Kikuyus living in poverty?

How is an Uthamaki that only benefits a few Kikuyu families, a kingdom established by a just God?

How can a Muthamaki be chosen by God, when he stole half a million acres of land while millions of Kikuyu families live in one room houses in ghettos?

Who told Uhuru Kenyatta that the poor in Kenya can eat peace or can afford brookside milk?

How is Uhuru Kenyatta not a karia neme? A rich spoilt drunk who has never known a day in hunger or want.

How can he understand what it means to watch your Kikuyu grandparents die in poverty, your Kikuyu parents live in poverty and your Kikuyu children born in poverty?

What is this Uthamaki where children of the Kikuyu poor have no nurses in hospitals for months, where their children are rejects of the 8.4.4 education system like the rest of the poor from other tribes in Kenya?

What is this Uthamaki that teaches us hate, that some tribes can not be leaders in this country, that some tribes are our enemies for demanding justice, the same way the poor Kikuyus are branded disposable criminals, looters and rioters deserving to be shot dead?

What is this Uthamaki that has refused to implement the two third gender rule, that believes Kikuyu women and women from other tribes belong in the Kitchen?

What is this Uthamaki that has bribed the church to sing its songs of hate, holding national prayer rallies to prey on the disillusioned masses?

What is this Uthamaki where ciana cia atheni will never be elected leaders, because the children of the rich and looters of public funds buy all the votes?

What is this Uthamaki that has since independence, been killing the children of poor Kikuyu together with children of other tribes in systematic extrajudicial killings within slums, by police?

Why are we, the children of betrayed Mau Mau freedom fighters, singing the songs of these homeguard traitors, calling them athamaki?

Uthamaki is not the way out of poverty for the millions of poor Kikuyus. The answer to our impoverishment as Kikuyus does not exclude the impoverished from other tribes.

The surest way is for the poor and dissatisfied from all tribes to unite, to love and care for each other as brothers and sisters, as a revolutionary act, as an act of resistance.

Kenya is not the kingdom of one Kikuyu family, no matter how much he is praised as a benevolent dictator by sycophants.    


Boycott Monkey Elections!

Say no to another dictator in Kenya.

Why would you, a free Kenyan, vote to be a slave of Uhuru Kenyatta and his murderous gang of police?

There will be no elections on October 26th, it will be a circus of clowns entertaining sheep going to slaughter.

Kenya is in a big crisis, tribal animosity is at its peak, they are planning an election where more than half the registered voters will not participate and the presidential winner is expected to win by 90 something percent, while the vulnerable poor are waiting to be massacred by the police and hired militia.

Whoever participates in the October monkey elections, is a worse traitor than the home guards who shot and captured Dedan Kimathi, worse than those who tortured and killed JM Kariuki and Robert Ouko.  

I don’t believe Uhuru Kenyatta will become a dictator after October 26 elections, I believe Uhuru has been a dictator since 2013.

Uhuru continues to sanction systematic extra judicial killings of ghetto youths in slums, he has never allowed street protests, a free media, civil society; he interned members of the Somali community and has looted billions of shillings so far.

IEBC rigged the August elections as confirmed by the courts, the same officials who executed this billion shilling mess, want to conduct the repeat elections. How is that a free, fair and credible election worth participating in?

The same IEBC has refused to follow the law and post election results for the public at the polling stations. Why would I waste my time to vote in a process that is not based on the rule of law?

A dictator will change the law to stay in power through the back door.

Uhuru dared to do the worst, he changed election laws days before the elections, to make sure he remains in power, whether the sovereign people of Kenya wants it or not.

A dictator can only stay in power through violence.

A dictator will send riot police to ambush peaceful protesters. A dictator will shoot and kill protesters including children. A dictator will teargas kindergarten children twice over and not feel a thing. A dictator will kill his own tribe to stay in power.

You who think you are safe because you are a Kikuyu or a Kalenjin, your silence will not save you. When your benevolent dictator feels hungry, he will eat you and your children without mercy.

If you are an impoverished Kikuyu or Kalenjin, living in poverty and want, a dictator is the last thing you want in your life. It is enough to sleep hungry and walk in tatters, without having a man in a trench coat knocking at your door because you did not cheer when the president farted.  

Let us all come out on 26th October, not to vote but to shout down dictatorship in Kenyan. Let us come out on 26th October, in a mother of all demos and shout, “freedom”! 



What Is A Constitution?

The old constitution is back!

The making of the new constitution was a great milestone in Kenya’s history. But celebrations for the new constitution must come to an end. Kenyans must stop living a lie.

Maybe the struggle for the new constitution took so much out of Kenyans, in momentum just as much as in ideas and actors, that there was not enough left in us to continue the struggle of implementation.

Somewhere along the way or long before we even promulgated the new constitution, we lost our way as ordinary Kenyans, we missed a beat and now we might as well have lost the entire constitution.

The new constitution remains grossly un-implemented.

The destruction of any meaning of having a new constitution did not happen by chance. It took the actions of Kenyan leaders, especially members of parliament, to rubbish Kenyans expectations of a new Kenya.

Changes were made to make it harder to recall MPs. By securing their tenure, they had a free hand to abandon their sworn duty to represent the interests of the public.

Chapter six which was meant to lock out undesirable political leaders (for example rogue members of parliament who might go to parliament and change important laws for selfish reasons) was changed, paving way for criminals and psychopaths to occupy public offices.

The bill of rights was hailed as a major achievement especially for the most vulnerable. But while we were celebrating the new constitution in boardrooms, the human rights situation at the grassroots never changed. The police still carry out systematic extrajudicial killings with impunity.

When you see the government close Uhuru park from the public and ban protests in other public spaces, remember even before this election season, peaceful protest were routinely violently disrupted. The right to protest belongs to the new constitution not the old, reminding us which constitution is in operation.

Women were said to be one of the big winners of the new constitution, more so on the promise of the ⅔ gender rule. To this day, 7 years after the promulgation of the new constitution, the ⅔ gender rule remain an elusive right. As it is today, we even entertain a supreme court bench and a parliament that does not meet the ⅔ gender rule.

As a gift for the ultimate beneficiary of the return to the old constitution, our benevolent rulers, rogue members of parliament changed election laws weeks before a presidential election. An action so opposite to the aspirations of the 2010 constitution, that it might as well be the last nail on the coffin.

There are those who are benefiting in the return of dictatorship and the old constitution, but the majority only think they are benefiting, they refuse to accept uthamaki is nonsense.

How can you benefit from a government that does not value you as a human being, your rights and fundamental freedoms? How can you benefit from a regime that impoverishes you, that guarantees you never taste what the new constitution promised, a new Kenya.

How will you survive as Wanjiku, in a country that is not governed by the rule of law, that is governed by the wishes of a president, whoever it is, whichever tribe they are?

Policemen beat a protester inside a building during clashes in Nairobi, Kenya

Ask​ First September

They say as sober as a judge

And today, in Kenya we can pride

As just as our supreme court verdict


We pleaded for credible elections, but

They even killed us, to make it a fraud

Threatening our justice, with our peace


We were ordered to accept, move on

We rebelled in the streets, in law courts

We thought it futile, as it always seems


Who’d have believed us, there is hope

Enough to face the tyranny of criminals

Expose imp observers, a de facto ruler


This is now the new victory of our people

Then, next act in justice, pursuit of freedom

Today is chance many slaves only dream


The time to care your part is now, labor

When they still think, we always divided

Now when the president is drunk, stupid